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Why Spoon River Home Health Offers Patient Advocacy

Posted by SRHH Staff on Oct 26, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Patient advocacy has become an increasingly important aspect of caring for the aging and ailing. In a healthcare landscape where resources and information are scarce, Spoon River Home Health is dedicated to providing everything a patient needs to find the situation that's right for them. 
Unfortunately, the days of your doctor sitting down with you for an hour and going over your (or your loved one's) options for care are over. Medical professionals have limited time and have schedules that prevent them from being an involved part of the research process. For patients, that's a unique challenge. It puts the responsibility of researching and gathering resources squarely on their shoulders. If the patient is in failing health, that can be next to impossible. 
That's when the responsibility tends to shift to family members or others close to them. If you have a family member or loved one struggling with health issues as they age, you're likely to be looked upon for help in finding answers. When that responsibility shifts to you, it can be a significant burden. Where do you start the search? What are you looking for? How can you best communicate what you find to your loved one? 
Spoon River Home Health can help take that burden off of your shoulders. Bringing years of healthcare experience to the table, Spoon River Home Health is able to supplement and expedite your research, giving you better resources. Whether you're looking for in-home healthcare, or you want general resources on healthcare for the aging, SRHH can get you a wealth of information to help you through the decision-making process. 
It's hard to know where to turn these days when it comes to healthcare. Spoon River Home Health wants to take some of the guesswork out of it and help you understand what's best for those you care about most. SRHH can walk you through the differences between a nursing home, assisted living, and in-home health. SRHH can show you how different options can work together. You shouldn't have to feel alone as you go through a difficult process.
Spoon River Home Health offers patient advocacy services to help patients find the solution they need. If you're presently tasked with finding that solution, know that help is out there. SRHH can give you the information, resources, and options you need to help your loved one find the help they need. 
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