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Want to Spend More Time with Patients? Consider Home Care

Posted by SRHH Staff on Jun 8, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Employees who sought out work in a nursing home often have a similar goal: to offer companionship, comfort and aid to the residents. It’s a role that attracts people who want to help others, and offer their assistance however they can. If you work in a nursing home, you might have found that the one-on-one time you hoped to get with your patients is limited.

Nursing home employees have very full plates, and because of that, it’s more challenging to develop those rewarding, individual connections with residents. Or maybe you’re ready to switch careers, or find a more flexible position that allows you to make a difference in people’s lives.

If you’ve been wishing you had more time for quality interactions with your patients or are looking to transition into a new career, home care could be a perfect fit for you. Here’s what you should know:


Many Backgrounds are Considered

You do not have to have a background in nursing or retirement home care to work with Spoon River Home Health. Your experience is important and considered, but if you are new to caregiving, that is acceptable as well.

There are so many skill sets needed to help each patient, and that’s why we need a variety of caregivers. We also need to accommodate different schedules and levels of care. If you do have an interest in a home health care position, the only requirements are that you have reliable transportation and can pass a background check. Beyond that, we offer a complete training program for all employees before they begin to care for clients.

If you are patient, caring and devoted to helping patients have the best possible treatment, caregiving could be a natural fit for you.


You will have Devoted Time with Each Patient

A source of frustration for many nursing home employees is a lack of time with patients. Home care allows for true one-on-one time with each patient. You learn their routine, needs, hobbies, favorite foods and books. You’re there to assist them, but also to offer companionship and a listening ear.

Loneliness and depression are serious problems for those recovering from an illness or injury at home. They are often unable to do the things they were so accustomed to doing before. Home health care allows them to stay in a place that is comfortable and familiar to them, but with the added assistance and connection of a caregiver.

Our caregivers have the time to truly learn about their patients, to understand their stories and background. That understanding helps them in providing the best possible care.


The Work is Flexible

One perk of working with an agency as a home health caregiver is that there is greater flexibility than if you started on your own. If you are sick or something comes up, we have a team of wonderful caregivers to step in. We welcome part-time workers because they can often accommodate a variety of schedules.

If you are coming from a retirement home or nursing background, you might appreciate the slower pace, devoted one-on-one time and greater flexibility in your work schedule that caregiving can provide.

Does caregiving sound like a perfect fit for you? It’s much more than a job; it’s providing comfort, interaction, assistance and hope to people when they need it most.

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