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3 Unexpected Benefits of Home Care

Posted by SRHH Staff on Dec 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Home health care provides some obvious benefits that include fall prevention, companionship, and improved quality of life.

But, did you know that home care provides three unexpected benefits, too?


1. Home Care Helps Loved Ones Keep Pets

Moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility may force your loved one to give up his or her pet.

That’s not the case in home care. In fact, pets provide a number of benefits to those who receive care at home, including:

  • Having a routine. Caring for a pet can provide structure and purpose to the life of a loved one.

  • Exercise. If your loved one can walk, taking the dog out might be a great way to squeeze in some regular exercise.

  • Getting out. Pets may not require regular outdoor activities such as a walk, but they do offer ways for your loved one to socialize at the vet’s office or the groomer. Your loved one can stay involved in the community by having a pet.

  • Protection. A barking dog can act as a security guard against would-be thieves.

Consider home care to let your loved ones keep their pets, or, to add a new pet to their home.


2. Home Care Focuses On Quality Time

Home care avoids the stressful burden of visitor hours and administrative paperwork. When a loved one lives at home, use the time you would spend dealing with that to focus on the quality time spent with them instead.

Seniors, in particular, with stronger family ties have reported:

  • Living a longer life because they are more socially involved.

  • Stronger immune systems, which is important as they typically weaken with age.

  • Improved mental health because they are reminded that people care for them, so they are less likely to be depressed.

If you have a loved one who receives home care, visit them on a regular basis.


3. Home Care Helps Hobbies

Finally, a person who chooses home health care can still keep his or her favorite hobbies and unique interests. Recreation is a key to health, and people are urged to keep engaging with these.

Examples include:

  • Arts & crafts - Whether it’s painting, sculpting, scrapbooking, or photographing, arts and crafts can be a solo or a social pastime. These fun, engaging activities stimulate the mind and soul.

  • Gardening - This increases physical activity, mobility, and motor skills in seniors. Some even believe that gardening relieves stress and promotes relaxation.

  • Playing cards and games - Another way to stimulate the brain is with all kinds of games. Those relying on home care can play these games by themselves or when family members come to visit.

  • Volunteering - If the person receiving home care is able to, volunteering provides benefits in terms of socializing and believing in a sense of purpose.

Those who use home care can enjoy these hobbies and many more at home, leading to what many consider to be a more fulfilling life.

When considering your next step for your loved one, consider home care for these three unexpected benefits. 

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